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Fast Build offers significant benefits over traditional methods

3D Fast Build. 

Construction Object Hybrid Printing

3D FAST BUILD  - innovative, safe and industrial multi-purpose platform for 3D construction objects printing. Technology features: concrete printing on polymer binders  with composite reinforcement of building structures of any shape without formwork. The technology allows you to print horizontal overhanging elements and integrate insulation.


Fast Build offers significant benefits over traditional methods

How it works


Installation savings

Technology features

Of hybrid technology



Printing with concrete on polymer binders improves productivity.

Composite reinforcement

Using glass and carbon fiber as a reinforcing mesh. 

Horizontal and

curved objects

Reinforcing mesh allows you to print horizontal floors, overhangs and curved forms. 

No concrete


Formwork at the construction site is completely 


Watch demo Video 1

How it works

Watch demo Video 2


Products and construction objects

What to Print

Curved buildings, estates and structures.

Printing high buildings, as well as building structures of curved shape and surfaces

Hard landscaping and street furniture. 

Architecture design and improvement of landscape, street and courtyard furniture



Trays, ramps, retaining walls, sidewalks, bridges, engineering infrastructure and etc. 

Facade furniture and elements. 

Decorative facades printing of any complexity and accuracy at the construction site

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